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Procedure to seek relief from the National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC)

The Industrial Relations Commission deals with individual grievances of workmen, unfair labour practices on the part of employers as well as workers, registration of Trade Unions / federations of Trade Union / holding referendum for deternmination of collective bargaiging and matters ancillary to these issues.
The Law provides the following procedure for submitting petitions / applications / complaints to the Commission
(i) Any aggrieved workmen may himself serve on employer grievance notice within 90 days of his grievance, or he may do so through workshop steward or CBA UNION
(ii) If the Workman does not recieve response of employer within 15 days after grievance notice or he is not satisfied from reply of the Employer, he may file grievance petition before the Commission within 60 days after reciept of reply or after expiry of 15 days of the employer does not reply to his notice

Filing Grievance Petition:

 (-) Every memorandum of Petition shall.
   (a) be legibly, correctly and concisely written, type-written or printed;
   (b) be divided into paragraphs, numbered consecutively, each paragraph containing, as nearly as may be, a separate assertion or averment;
   (c) contain the full name, official designation and address of each party;
   (d) clearly set out the relief claimed;
   (e) be accompanied by-
      (1) Copy of grievance notice and proof of its service.
      (2) a copy of impugned order and any other order of employer in respect of any of the right of workman, terms and conditions of Service of the appellant against which the appeal is prefferred; and
      (3) copies of documents on which the petitioner proposes to rely in support of his claim;
   (f) be signed or thumb impressed by the petitioner; and
   (g) be accompanied by three copies of the memorandum of petition and as many other copies thereof, duly signed or thumb-impressed by the appellant and accompanied by the documents referred to in above as there are respondents.

(-) In every memorandum of Petition, the authority against whom the petition is preferred and any other party to the dispute shall be shown as respondent.
(-) When a petition is presented after the period of limitation prescribed in the Act, it shall be accompanied by an application supported by an affidavit setting forth cause of delay.